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Business creation

We offer you a tailor-made service during the creation of your company by advising you on the best legal form for your entrepreneurship project. If you are thinking of launching a start-up, we can provide the optimal tools for the realization of your business plan and you can establish a financing plan in complete confidentiality specialized in the required field as well as manage the contact with the various institutions. We can relieve you of the tedious task of explaining the contacts and procedures with different institutions.

Sole Proprietorship

Are you starting out as a self-employed person and want to reduce your expenses when setting up a business? This solution is ideal for you. It is created easily and by one person. In its early days, it was only obliged to register with a compensation fund and the commercial register if it exceeded a turnover of CHF 100,000.

General Partnership

Do you have a joint project with a person or a company for a specific mandate? This form gives you the freedom to contract with your partner freely. You should register with the commercial register, but the use of your last name in the company name is no longer compulsory.

Limited Liability Company

Do you want to create your own company with its own legal personality and with limited liability? You must have a capital of CHF 20,000 in cash or in kind, which is divided into shares.

limited Company

You benefit from the same advantages as a limited liability company, but in addition, you have the anonymity of the shareholders. A capital of 100,000 CHF is necessary, with the possibility of releasing only 50,000 CHF when the company is created.

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