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Before you start

Before you get started, we must assess your needs based on your business project and advise you specifically on its creation. In some cases, it may be necessary to establish a financing plan or to carry out market research. During an initial consultation, our team will review the reasons for your project, your objectives and the accounting services required. This step will allow us to understand your requirements and guide you in your choices. Once your needs have been assessed, we will work closely with you to support you and put in place the tools necessary to realize your business.

Opening a bank account

When founding a capital company, the creation of a consignment account is obligatory. We can advise you as best as possible on the choice of the bank and support you throughout the creation process. In fact, this service is always included in our foundation fees to better serve you. In addition, the creation of a bank account is not only obligatory for capital companies, but recommended even for the independent, for the following reasons :

  • Separation of finances: A separate business bank account helps separate personal finances from business finances. This makes financial management and record keeping easier.
  • Professionalism: Having a bank account dedicated to the company reinforces the professional image of the company. This shows customers, suppliers and business partners that the company is serious and well established.
  • Tracking Transactions: A business bank account makes it easy to track business-related transactions, simplifying accounting and tax reporting.
  • Access to banking services: Banks often offer business-specific services, such as business loans, lines of credit, and payment processing services. Having a business bank account makes it easier to access these services.

At the notary

The notary is essential in the creation of a capital company, by drafting the necessary documents and ensuring the legal compliance of the company. We also support you in these steps and advise you in collaboration with the notary to ensure the success of your project.

Business creation

We offer you a tailor-made service during the creation of your company by advising you on the best legal form for your entrepreneurship project. If you are thinking of launching a start-up, we can provide the optimal tools for the realization of your business plan and you can establish a financing plan in complete confidentiality specialized in the required field as well as manage the contact with the various institutions. We can relieve you of the tedious task of explaining the contacts and procedures with different institutions.


Are you starting out as a self-employed person and want to reduce your expenses when setting up a business? This solution is ideal for you. It is created easily and by one person. In its early days, it was only obliged to register with a compensation fund and the commercial register if it exceeded a turnover of CHF 100,000.

Do you have a joint project with a person or a company for a specific mandate? This form gives you the freedom to contract with your partner freely. You should register with the commercial register, but the use of your last name in the company name is no longer compulsory.


Do you want to create your own company with its own legal personality and with limited liability? You must have a capital of CHF 20,000 in cash or in kind, which is divided into shares.

You benefit from the same advantages as a limited liability company, but in addition, you have the anonymity of the shareholders. A capital of 100,000 CHF is necessary, with the possibility of releasing only 50,000 CHF when the company is created.

After creation

After the foundation of your business, several steps are necessary to get the engine of your activity running. For example, you must register with a compensation fund, AVS, unemployment insurance, a provident fund(LPP), and other social charges, accident insurance, etc. We can support you in all these steps and invite you to visit our page dedicated to administrative services.

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