Software Services

Web development

We are a team specialized in the development of websites and web applications. We can develop your website from scratch, from design to functionalities. If your project is in the start-up stage, we can support you in finding how to monetize your project, as well as in the company creation, e-commerce solutions and much more.

If your website doesn’t require exorbitant functionalities, we could very easily assemble it with WordPress for a more accessible budget and for a shorter deadline.

If your website is out of date, we can find the best solution to upgrade and update your system to boost your visits. Old websites are often not responsive, a characteristic that is important nowadays for mobile usage.

Mobile development

Digital Admin offers you development services for native mobile applications in Android and iOS. We prepare the API for your new application as well as the design, the navigation logic and the activity diagram.

If you already have a web application and want to get started with a mobile application, we can also adapt your current web application to allow you to have a unified cross-platform system.

IT Management Services

We are a team expertised in software development and in IT management. We are problems solvers and we tend to factorize large laborious tasks into small simple ones, putting ourselves in your shoes to better understand and support your business within our IT and accounting expertise. We can manage for you your :

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